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Appeals with AIT - UK

Certain categories of UK visa applications, including family visits and settlement, attract full rights of appeal.

Reasons for refusing an application for a visa are explained in the Notice of Immigration Decision sent out to the visa applicant. Appeal rights are also stated on the Notice of Refusal. If the applicant wishes to make an appeal, he / she should file completed appeal forms. The appeal forms need to be completed in English, and the applicant needs to include the Notice of Immigration Decision and the Notice of Appeal Form.

An appellant has 28 calendar days to file an appeal from the day of service with the decision on his / her visa application.

Appeals are determined in the UK by an Immigration Judge appointed by the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

The applicant has no control over when his / her Appeal may be heard. Time taken may depend on a number of factors. This includes the type of case (family visitor, settlement), whether the applicant has asked for the case to be heard orally or in writing.

Visitor appeals are usually heard within 6 months of being lodged; for other categories, including settlement, it may take up to 9 months.

Filing an appeal is a highly complex and technical matter and only an expert familiar with the laws as well as rules and procedures is likely to pull it through.

We have a long standing experience in Administrative Review and Appeal Process and have successfully won cases for applicants having multiple refusals in the past. The reason is simple – we are diligent, thorough and dedicated and believe in offering high quality professional services to all our clients.

Our knowledge of all visa and immigration laws as also an exposure to latest rules and procedures offers us an edge over our peers. To discuss your Notice of Refusal, click here.


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