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Special Visas related Consultancy Services

Many special categories of Visas have been devised by different countries. These include Parole Visas, Family Visas, Spouse Visas, Fiancee Visas, Employment Visas, Settlement Visas, Foster Visas, Crewmen Visas, Treaty Trader Visas, Diplomatic Visas, Transit Visas, Exceptional Talent Visas, Sportsperson Visas, Temporary Worker Visas, Domestic Worker Visas, Youth Mobility Scheme Visas etc.

Some of these Visa categories are open only to a section of people having special circumstances. Diplomatic visas, for example, are available only to Government officials on a diplomatic assignment. Parole Visas may be available only to those needing to travel on an emergency basis, say medical emergency. Asylum visa is granted to persons trying to escape persecution in their homeland due to certain political beliefs.

Family and spouse visas may have many sub-classifications. For example, the non-citizen spouse of the citizen of a particular country, non-immigrant spouse of an immigrant, siblings of an immigrant or citizen, adult children of a citizen, minor children of a citizen.

We evaluate the circumstances of each applicant carefully to determine which visa may be ideally suited for him / her and make recommendations accordingly.


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