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UK Spouse Visas

If you are a British Citizen or you have Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), meaning that you are a Permanent Resident of the UK, then your Spouse or Partner will require a UK Spouse Visa to join you in the UK.


If you are in the UK on any visa which allows you to stay for more than 6 months (including a Fiance Visa) then you can change your visa to a UK spouse visa from within the UK.


A UK Spouse visa allows the non-EU citizen to stay in the UK for a period of up to 33 months (if the application is made from outside the UK) or 30 months (if the applicant applies from within the UK). Once the applicant has completed 60 months (i.e. 5 years) on a UK marriage visa, he/she can apply for indefinite leave to remain and - after that - British Citizenship under section 6 of the British Nationality Act 1981.



  • The applicant can settle in the UK permanently;

  • The applicant is free to undertake any type of work in the UK without restrictions;

  • The applicant is entitled to the same benefits (except access to public funds) as other UK citizens;

  • The visa serves as a route to permanent stay in the UK and - ultimately - leads to being naturalized after applying for British Citizenship.


The Spouse Visa is one of the most generous in the UK making it not only the most applied for, but also the most abused. For this reason, the eligibility criteria of the applicants is strictly adhered to by the Home Office in order to determine whether the relationship qualifies as genuine or not.


In order that your Partner’s or Spouse’s Visa application succeeds, following requirements must be met :

  • You and your partner are both at least 18 years of age;

  • You and your partner / spouse have met;

  • You are married and the marriage is valid under UK law. If you are not married then you must have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage for at least 2 years;

  • The marriage or relationship is genuine and subsisting;

  • The spouse possesses a minimum level of English language ability;

  • You meet the Financial Requirements stipulated under the law.

If you are applying outside the UK then only the British Citizen's income can be considered. If you are applying inside the UK then joint income can be considered. The minimum level of income is currently £18,600 per annum and this increases if you have children. Alternatively, or in addition to income, savings can be used to meet the requirement. If you cannot meet this requirement then you should not apply for a Spouse Visa.


The financial requirements can be met in many ways, the process of determination being quite complex. We have extensive experience with such applications and we are in a position to ensure that your application succeeds. Send us an e-mail at visaexperts4u@gmail.com or whatsapp us at +91 6263083078.


Our experience has been that a Visa Application gets rejected outright if any of the requirements above is not satisfied. Since the Visa Application Processing Fee is a substantial amount and regardless of whether your visa application is approved or rejected, this visa fee paid to the Home Office is non-refundable, we strongly recommend that you seek professional services of a Visa Expert for preparing your visa application package.


We at Visa Experts 4 U, offer our clients expert advice and perfect documentation services so that the success is assured.


If you had already filed a visa application and the same has been denied, we advise you to contact our team with a copy of your Refusal Letter so that we may help you decide whether you should go in for the appeal process or submit a fresh application. We shall also do the necessary documentation for you, no matter whether you decide to go in for the Appeal process or choose to file a fresh visa application. We shall  be happy to assist you at every step.



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